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Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Training Programme

Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Training Programme

Aim of the programme:-

Musculoskeletal (MSK) imaging is one of the most important and interesting subspecialities of Radiology. After radiography, ultrasound is the most commonly available imaging modality available to doctors for evaluating MSK pathologies. At the same time, the extent and quality of training that an average Radiologist receives in MSK ultrasound during his / her formative years leaves a lot to be desired.
Besides imaging skills, a radiologist wanting to develop a career in MSK ultrasound also needs adequate clinical knowledge so as to translate ultrasound findings into clinically relevant and actionable information. Successful radiologists are generally the ones who choose their area of expertise, train themselves hard to polish their skills and learn the clinically relevant way of communicating reports. ScholarMD aims at developing such career-building, niche skills in radiologists looking for a career in MSK ultrasound.

Who is eligible?

Radiologists (MD/DNB/DMRD/DMRE Radiology). Number of seats is limited. Admissions will be closed once seats are full.

Mode of the programme:-

MSK ultrasound training programme is a part-time, structured continuing medical education programme for working radiologists, conducted over a period of 6 months. The radiologist will be required to dedicate a total of 8 days (four weekends - Saturday / Sunday) over a period of 6 months. Module-1, Module-2, Module-3 will cover practically all the important joints and soft tissues, whereas Module-4 will be contact programme.

Highlights of the programme:-

High-quality teaching by experienced MSK ultrasound specialists. Highly focussed on ultrasound studies required in day-to-day practice. Interactive and personalised teaching since admissions are limited to a small, selective group of students.

Structured lecture series over 6 months, right from basics till recent advances in MSK ultrasound. Contact programme included in the training.

Relevant aspects of other imaging modalities like radiography and cross sectional imaging that are useful to a MSK ultrasound expert will be covered.

Since it’s a part-time programme, the radiologist can continue his / her practice while upgrading his / her skills.

Schedule of teaching will be notified to students well in advance.

Teaching techniques to ensure that students have complete comprehension of the topics.

Pre- and Post-training assessment of the candidates.

Who should join this programme?

Only those radiologists who are serious about upgrading their career-skills in MSK ultrasound, and are ready to put in the effort required for the same.

One-year Training Programme in Foetal Medicine

One-year Training Programme in Foetal Medicine

Aim of the programme:-

With rapid developments in the field of foetal genetics, foetal imaging and foetal management, a new subspeciality has emerged called as Foetal Medicine. However, due to lack of dedicated and structured training in this filed, Radiologists find themselves short of confidence in building a career around Fetal Medicine. Patients and referring doctors are becoming increasingly aware about Foetal Medicine experts and they insist upon the best. Also, due to the rapid advancements in Foetal Medicine and the critical nature of the job, chances of medicolegal issues increases manifold if doctors are not well trained. Thus, Radiologists need to continuously upgrade their knowledge in order to stay relevant. This one year structured continuing medical education training programme in Fetal Medicine provides that unique opportunity for Radiologists.

The aim of this programme in Foetal Medicine is to bridge the knowledge gap among radiologists. ScholarMD Edvent aims at providing the best teaching for Radiologists, including embryology, genetics, imaging, other diagnostics and therapeutics involved in Foetal management. Our teaching faculty members are highly experienced and skilful.

This programme is a serious learning exercise aimed at developing fundamental skills among Radiologists for the practice of Foetal Medicine. This programme will lay a strong foundation upon which Radiologists can build a successful career in Foetal Medicine.

Highlights of the programme:-

• High-quality, multi-dimensional teaching by experts from all areas of Foetal Medicine.
• Interactive teaching to ensure complete comprehension.
• Structured lecture series spread over 1 year, right from the basics till the latest advances in Foetal Medicine.
• One week contact programme.
• Since this is a specially designed part-time programme, it presents a unique opportunity for Radiologists to learn Foetal Medicine while continuing to work.

Contents of the programme :-

General outline of the programme -

• Extensive lecture series, about 100 hours of teaching spread over 1 year (number of lectures and structure of the programme subject to modification at the discretion of the faculty).
• Lectures will be conducted at pre-decided venue in Mumbai, which will be informed to students well in advance.
• Lectures will be scheduled on a weekend (Friday-Saturday-Sunday) approximately at 3 month intervals.
• Students will be assigned image submission and other academic exercises. Faculty will guide every student regarding the same.
• Attending minimum 10 out of 12 days of lecture series is a must.
• Assessment exams and exercise books completion.
• One week contact programme (observing practice management).
• If a student is unable to attend some part of the programme due to unavoidable circumstances, then a written application shall be made to the Course Coordinator regarding the same. The final decision will be at the discretion of the Course Coordinator.
• Viva voce at the end of contact programme.
• Award of certificate of attendance after successful completion of the programme and the academic assignments.

Module - 1

1. Introduction to the course
2. Pre-training assesment
3. Early pregnancy scan
4. First trimester screening for aneuploidy
5. Fetal structural anomalies in First trimester
6. Fetal biometry and assigning gestational age
7. Guidelines for second trimester scan and normal views
8. Fetal thorax
9. Fetal neck and face

Module - 2

1. Fetal GIT
2. Fetal GUT
3. Fetal skeletal system
4. Fetal heart and fetal echocardiography
5. Fetal CNS and fetal neurosonography

Module - 3

1. Fetal environment
2. Fetal growth abnormalities
3. Third trimester scan - what all to look for.
4. Obstetric colour Doppler
5. Multiple pregnancies
6. 3D-4D ultrasound in Obstetrics

Module - 4

1. Fetal infections
2. Genetics
3. Fetal Interventions
4. Recent advances
5. USG evaluation of other medical and surgical problems in pregnancy
6. Post-training assessment

Admission Criteria:

Radiologists with MD / DNB / DMRD / DMRE degrees.

Who should join this programme?

Radiologists who want to upgrade their knowledge in the area of Foetal Medicine and enhance their career prospects. The candidates should be prepared to work hard for the same.
Learn from some of the best and be the best. Investment in education gives the best returns.

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